The Avicenna School was founded in 1988 in Sacramento, California. The school was established as the first of its kind to provide Persian language and cultural teachings to the children of Persian heritage and background, regardless of origin country, background, religious or cultural tendency or denomination.

The school's primary goal has always been to facilitate learning Farsi as a second language in an environment that nurtures the children of elementary and middle school age.

During its many years of service, the Avicenna School has provided the following services:

  1. Teaching Farsi to students of K-8 grades;
  2. Celebration of Persian cultural events, such as Nowruz and Yalda;
  3. Providing optional courses such as ethics, religion, history and culture;
  4. Facilitating and conducting exams for expatriates who intended to return to Iran after finishing their studies in the U.S.;
  5. Conducting scientific, cultural, and social field trips; and
  6. Cooperation with other institutions with similar goals throughout the U.S.

The school has gone through several campuses, such as a campus in Carmichael, which housed the school activities from its inception in 1988 to 2000, when the school activities moved to another campus in Orangevale. The school operated in Orangevale from 2000 to 2012.

The school went through a name change from Avicenna Farsi School to "Avicenna Academy" in 2013 when it also moved to the SALAM campus in Sacramento. The name change to Avicenna Academy provided an opportunity for growth beyond its traditional audience, with the hope to reach out to the larger community of families in the greater Sacramento area, who are interested to offer excellence in Persian cultural and literature education to their school age children.

Avicenna Academy is proud that many of the current students are children of the first few generations of Avicenna school. We believe that the best education can be provided by empowering the families and parents to nurture the cultural values in their children at home and at school. As such, Avicenna Academy is blessed to have a strong involvement of parents through the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). Annual celebratory events, such as the Nowruz and Yalda programs are just some of the activities that are conducted by the PTA.

For further information and to obtain information on how to enroll your children at school, please refer to the Contact Us page of this website.


Our mission is to provide excellence in education of the Persian language, culture and heritage to our youth and community.


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Our Teachers and staff have many years of experience in the field of education and teaching children. They are very passionate about their work and are loved by the students. At Avicenna Academy our teachers are trained to support all levels of Farsi, from beginners all the way to advanced learners. Our long term track record (close to three decades) speaks for itself and we welcome you to take a tour of our school.